I have to be super negative to balance out everyone elses niceness. See I do contribute to society! Haha.

I suck.

I hate everything.

Please shoot me in the face.

I’m a stereotypical, angsty teenager.

I’m pissed off at everyone and everything.

No self esteem.

No motivation except to to be contridictory.

I realize that I’m wrong and I regret everything I say.

But oh well,

It’s better than being like you.


Sweep me under the carpet. That’s right where I belong.

You’ve got the perfect disguise and you’re looking okay.

^ That song makes me depressed.

We always make fun of what we wish we could be. I do it all the time.

Holy fuck I love Milosh. Just blew my miiiiiiind.

I told you to be patient.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love.

What’s the best music to listen to in the car?

JONSI! Jonsi is the best music to listen to anywhere (:

I’m downloading Go by Jonsi! I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED!!

And don’t worry everyone. It’s alright, I already had my daily existential crisis.



Jónsi - Animal Arithmetic (Official Video)

After just purchasing my ticket to see Jónsi for the second time, I am extremely excited for the arrival of October and the release of this video for Go staple, ”Animal Arithmetic.” If you’re a fan of Jónsi and you haven’t checked out his upcoming tour dates, click here to see if he’ll be in your area.